Nature and Landscape Photographer




Jesse Echevarria

I grew up in a small island called Puerto Rico where I was always surrounded by tropical forests and warm crystal clear waters. It wasn’t until I was 25 that I started becoming more aware of the night sky and learned that I could create something amazing with just a small knowledge of astrophotography. After moving to the United States, I was forced to escape the light pollution and travel to National Parks around the US in search for the perfect clear skies. Thanks to this, I've embarked in new adventures and stumbled upon my new passion for nature and landscape photography.

I am driven by the feeling of traveling to places and knowing that I can make an incredible piece of art with the outstanding features that this Earth provides. The simple idea of being able to immortalize the canvas of life by compiling visible light in a photograph really moves me. I have made it my personal ambition to show people that our home planet is more than aesthetically pleasing, it is constantly transforming itself in a way that shows how alive it really is. Nature defines the concept of beauty and art and I believe it is our job to preserve it in a way that inspires us to attain the importance of caring for it.