Nature and Landscape Photographer




Jesse Echevarria

I’m a photographer and a designer from Puerto Rico.

Growing up in the Caribbean, I was surrounded by tropical landscapes and warm crystal clear waters. In 2015, I began traveling to National Parks around the United States and embarked on new adventures that inspired a passion for nature and landscape photography. With every new destination, the fascination I had for the beauty of Earth grew and I became more confident about my work. In 2018, I decided to embark on a new journey and move to New Zealand for a year. After a few months, my curiosity led me to expand my horizons and I extended my adventures to travel around Asia.

Some of the countries I have explored include USA, Iceland, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, Tasmania, Indonesia and Vietnam.

I am driven by the feeling of traveling to places and knowing that I can make an incredible piece of art with the features Earth provides. The idea of being able to immortalize the canvas of life by compiling visible light in a photograph really moves me. I have made it my personal ambition to show people that our home planet is more than aesthetically pleasing, it is constantly transforming itself in a way that shows how alive it really is. Nature defines the concept of beauty and art and I believe it is our job to preserve it in a way that inspires us to attain the importance of caring for it.